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Frontier Gentleman

The Frontier Gentleman was a superb western adventure series broadcast in 1958 on CBS. John Dehner starred as J. B. Kendall, a journalist for the London Times. Attracted to the frontier of the American West in mid-19th century, Kendall exiled himself to the chaos of the frontier in search for stories for the London Times. The show came on the air in the radio's fading years of the late 50s. But it stood out among many western shows that flooded the airwaves of the time. The existing 41 episodes were produced on tape, the superior audio of which added to its already high production quality. The program was produced and directed by Antony Ellis.

The stories from the Frontier Gentleman are not only well-written and developed, but excellently acted and narrated. Notably, Kendall's deep and lonely voice greatly enriches the show's western ambiance. Each episode opens with its signature trumpet piece accompanied by the announcer Johnny Jacobs' introduction, "Herewith, an Englishman's account of life and death in the West . . ."

Roaming the frontier West, Kendall encounters drifters, outlaws, settlers, dreamers, as well as various legendary historical figures, such as Jesse James, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill Hickok. One of the show's motifs is the cash-strapped Kendall anxiously waiting for the pay from the London Times.

There are 42 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Shelton Brothers * Audition with Ben Wright * January 29, 1958
A Horse For Kendall September 14, 1958
The Last of Belle Siddons September 7, 1958
Belle Siddon Strikes Back August 31, 1958
Belle Siddon's Encore August 24, 1958
Wonder Boy August 17, 1958
The Cat Man August 10, 1958
Nebraska Jack August 3, 1958
Mighty Tired July 27, 1958
Mighty Mouse July 20, 1958
Justice of the Peace July 13, 1958
The Education of Kid Yancey July 6, 1958
Indian Lover September 21, 1958
The Golddigger September 28, 1958
The Honkytonkers February 16, 1958
Charlie Meeker February 9, 1958
The Lost Mine March 2, 1958
Random Notes April 27, 1958
Random Notes November 16, 1958
Holiday November 9, 1958
Nasty People November 2, 1958
The Rainmaker October 26, 1958
The Preacher October 19, 1958
Aces and Eights October 12, 1958
The Librarian October 5, 1958

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